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An Extra Dose Of Sugar Won’t Do Us Harm

Just when I thought that things were not going to get better, that we were going to be stuck in this bleak world for quite some time, you surprised me. You really did and I can’t be happier. As much as I hate to admit it, even to myself, things have not been going well with us. I know, what’s new right? But this time round, it was much harder than usual and hearts and feelings were left with deeper scars. Harsher words had been spoken, louder voices were yelled over the line. For a split second, I thought that the moment you said those dreaded words, that was it. It was beyond repair. But today, you proved to me that there is still some hope even when things don’t go the way we want it to. Even after years together, we can never perfect the art of love. Never, there’s still so much to learn from it, and there’s still so much trust that needs to be gained. So how? Do we leave it at that, or do we try to move higher? I guess that’s up to us to decide. US. You and me.

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Azri made my day a little brighter today. He came by after work in the evening, and me, who just literally just woke up from sleep, groggily went down to meet him. To which, he presented to me a smile accompanied with a whole box of donuts from Donut Factory! And of course, a feeling which only both of us felt during those seconds of unspoken words. Yes, it has been hard, whatnot with me adjusting to school and him with certain issues. But, thank you for the random thought and gesture. It was enough. Enough to make me smile while I lick the sugar off my lips.

Time, that’s what you said we needed right now. I’ll wait and I hope you will too. Let’s just hope this breather is only temporary.

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Look Me In The Eye And Tell Me

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Where did the good go?

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My Life’s No Storybook

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I have been tagged by Get to know more about me! That is, if one wants to.8 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have a bit obsession over neatness, organization, co-ordination and standardization. I want my things to be neat, the same and nothing out of place. For example, whenever doing a group project, I don’t mind being the group leader because that way whenever I do the powerpoint slides, I can get to standardize everything from the font size, the slide colour, animation and the picture size. At home, I have cleaned out my closet and arranged my clothes countless of times just because I can’t stand to see anything out of order. And I try my best to be colour co-ordinated most of the time.
  2. I have been rejected before by a guy whom is one year younger than me. Guess I was too old for him?
  3. I got hit on the head by a hockey ball before but it totally had no effect on me. Just a few minutes before, my team mate got hit on the head with a hockey ball and she nearly blacked out and had to get out of the game. Later, because my hockey stick was at a wrong angle, the ball bounced on the stick and up to my forehead. I felt the pressure but I didn’t feel any sort of excessive pain. I continued on playing. After the game, there was a red spot on my forehead but that was about it. Head of steel baybeh!
  4. My childhood ambition was to be an astronaut. My dad even took us to the NASA exhibition in Singapore when I was little. I was so keen on being an astronaut and I thought that that was what I wanted to be. When young, I convinced myself that I was a ‘Science’ person and that I would be doing science for the rest of my life. But now, that childhood ambition is flushed down the toilet and I don’t regret it cause truth be told, I was never a ‘Science’ person. I’m now studying to be a teacher, teaching language. Totally different than my childhood ambition.
  5. I love spicy and hot food. Sambal, chilli and whatnots. The hotter the better.
  6. When I was in secondary, I used to write alot of poems to express my feelings. Malay and english poems although they were not so good, as long as I was able to voice out my thoughts. Now, I don’t write them anymore for the simple reason that I think I’ve lost my creative side. I gave the black book of my poems to my boyfriend but I doubt he still has it.
  7. I used to make-believe that I had a twin sister when I was in primary school. I guess it was the influence of the stories and movies they had at that time. With Parent Trap and Mary-Kate and Ashley showing. I even convinced my best friend in primary school that I had a twin sister who was schooling at a different school. I stopped the whole thing when I stepped into Secondary 1. It was just way weird.
  8. I’ve always wanted to be a Minah Vespa! Vroom Vroom. But my dad discouraged me from taking up a motorcyle license and hence I’m stuck with taking a car license instead.

Tag eh? I can’t think of anyone. Anyone who wants to do it go do!!

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I Can Almost Hear The Bells Ringing

Finally, after what seemed like such a long long time, me and Kak Dhirah got around to watching Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix yesterday afternoon. I’m not that much of a Harry Potter fan-I don’t read the books-but I do get excited every now and then about Harry Potter. Due to the fact that I didn’t read any Harry Potter books, I was left quite lost during certain parts of the movie, and as a result, I had to ask Kak Dhirah what this and that meant. Honestly, the movie was alright and not such a let-down like how many claimed. Well, but maybe its just me since those who are the real Potter fans should know better since they can compare between the original text and the movie. Kak Dhirah did mention that the movie was very very simplified as compared to the books. But what do I know eh? Next up: The Simpsons!!

After the movie, me and Kak Dhirah met up with the rest of the family and we headed on down to Eastpoint to get Mak’s spectacles done. KFC for dinner and it was off for home. Later on at night, we went to my aunt’s house for a get-together-cum-berkat wrapping session. My uncle is getting married in a few month’s time and hence, we were all-not all, mainly just me-obliged to help. For the berkat or door gifts, the soon-to-be-married couple bought mini vases from ikea. The idea was to wrap it up nicely and that’s about it. Wrapping the door gifts while watching Die Hard on the telly and chit-chatting the night away.
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We completed at 12am plus this morning and even so, there were still a few more boxes of mini vases to be wrapped. Save it for another day cause my fingers were already cramped. Getting married is hard work, really.

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Come On, Strut Your Stuff

NTU Freshman Welcome Day was held at the Nanyang Auditorium earlier on today. The highlight of the whole event was most probably when we all were asked to don the blue robe while reciting the NTU Honour Pledge. It was uber cool despite the fact that I got an XXL. Refreshments afterwards but there were waaayyy too many people and lets just say we were too lazy to queue our asses up. Hence, me and two other GESL members headed on back to NIE to grab lunch.

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GESL group meeting at The Cavern to finally get our work done for our costume for the Project Runway NIE show coming up this National Day. Our costume’s kinda unique, I have to admit, cause it represents the different flavours and attractions in Singapore, sewn together. I had the privilege of painting the satay and kampong picture. Not bad for an art idiot like me. Our costume is coming together and so keep an eye out for it when it comes sashaying down the runway!

The timetable is out and as compared to my other peers, I’m quite fortunate despite me still having a five-day school week. School starts promptly at 8.30am everyday and the latest lesson I have ends at 1.30pm. I’m particularly fond of Thursdays cause its just Malay all the way with no education studies lessons. Thank god my time table is rather appropriate and thus, I’m able to slot in tuition and whatnots. On a plus note, since I’ll be having quite some time on my hands, Bapak has agreed to sign me up for my driver’s license! Anytime soon now:)

My locker padlock is being a bitch. Oh well, that’s school.

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This Is Where It Will All Begin

I am fully aware that this place has been lacking of updates. I have a perfectly good reason for that. No, I am not abandoning this blog altogether, its just that I have been really caught up with school’s orientation week. There’s just so much that I want to ramble about but, as usual, I just can’t seem to find the right words to truly describe how I feel about it. So, here goes…I’ll try my best.

The Freshman Orientation Camp held from 28 to 30 July was real blast:) From the start to the end. Initially, I thought that it was going to be just another camp but boy, was I wrong. And I’m glad I was. The theme of this year’s BA/BSC camp was ‘whoduniet?’ Based on the concept from the Cluedo board game. We had various activities ranging from Amazing Race around Singapore, wet games, station games, performances, cheers, fright night and such. It was not disappointing and let’s just say that there was an added bonus for me that made the whole camp a bit better for me. *winks*

So far, school’s just been full of talks and introductions. Like today was the Director’s Welcome at the Nanyang Auditorium.  Lesson officially starts next week and I’m anxious to know how it’ll all be like. Just praying that I’ll manage to fit in and get the swing of things fast enough. As for friends, things have been looking up. Meeting new people and characters turned out to be good.

I guess that’s it for now. No pictures cause I didn’t bring my camera during the camp. I’m just glad that the memories are still etched in my mind. Here’s cheers to a new beginning.

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